Ralph Berkowitz 1910 – 2011

This artist has fine art auction records.

Ralph Berkowitz was born in Brooklyn, NY . In 1927, he enrolled at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia where he later became a member of the teaching staff. In 1961, Berkowitz moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he lived as a life time artist and wood blockist, until his death in 2011. He first came to Albuquerque in 1940 to serve as a guest artist with a chamber music series called The June Music Festival. He occasionally painted the music stage. He remained active as an artist for the Festival into the 1980s. Berkowitz became manager of the then Albuquerque Civic Orchestra (now New Mexico Symphony Orchestra) when he moved to New Mexico and served until 1968. Berkowitz reached his centenary in September 2010 and died in August of the following year.


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