About Us

Located in Albuquerque’s Historic Old Town, our eclectic gallery hosts a wide variety of fine art from the 20th century and earlier. This unique collection, while global in scope, emphasizes art work from the Southwest United States, particularly New Mexio. Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America also have a significant presence within our walls.

Not only is the world represented in our gallery, but also various styles, subjects, mediums, and artists. Styles range from classical realism to abstract and everything in between. Subjects include landscapes, city scences, historical and devotional subjects, and non-objective work. We boast an extensive collection of paintings; oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Works on paper of water-colors, pastels, drawings, engravings, and lithographs are all represented. Sculptures, carvings, pottery, textiles, and more are all appreciated objects in our store.

We are mostly known for our high quality Oriental, Persian, and Navajo rugs. We have lots of varieties, sizes, colors, patterns, and designs. All the imported rugs are entirely hand-made, handwoven and have hand-knotted pile (except for Kelims and Navajo rugs which are flatweaves and therefore have no pile). The materials are usually wool pile with a cotton foundation, although sometimes they are wool pile with a wool foundation.

Movie Credits for rental/sale of props (fine art, oriental rugs, and objets d’art) include The Resident, Brothers, and The Lost Room.